City Bruised in My Heart 9-14-06 *Released by Teenage Whore

Hallucinations Spanning A Three Day Period 8-6-06 *Released by Wintage Records

Tree of the Elders 6-25-06 *Released by moonmoonmoon

The Network and Circuitry of Nettles 5-12-06 *Released by Bum Tapes

Nature's Orphans 3-24-06 *Released by Isle of Man

Split With Double Trouble 4-29-07 *Released by High Density Headache

A Woman is not a Sphinx 3-12-07 *Released by moonmoonmoon

His Wound Was As Large As A Star: Split with Needle Gun 3-9-07 *Released by Needle Gun

Savage Histories of the Appalachian Region 12-27-08 *Released by Myhand.thanx

The Peasant Girl's Crotch Full Of Stars 11-21-08 *released by

The Holometabolous Larval Process as a Metaphor For Man's Destiny 10-21-08 *Released by Chocolate Monk

Michael Jackson: "I just can't start loving you" 9-18-08 *Released by Ownness

Peter Denied Our Lord July, 2008 *Released by Tired Trails

An eastern Kentucky boy's death is shining hard and bright in his chest 4-4-08 *Released by Hobo Tapes

A Catalog Of Erica's Misfortunes 1-25-08 *Released by Clinical Archives

Animals Hidden In The Waist High Grass 12-27-09 *released by Albert's Basement

He must have contemplated his death during those long drives on the bypass at night 5-29-09 *released by RT Champs

I Lift My Hands Against the gods 4-24-09 *Released by Clinical Archives

He Disappeared Into The Forest, Yet He Remained With Us 4-8-2009 *released by Blood in the Boat

Endless Fertile Valley 11-23-10 *Released by Clinical Archives

Our bodies washed up in Storm's Creek 4-29-10 *released as a 7 inch by PastFutures

Life Everlasting 4-3-10 *released by moonmoonmoon

The Concealed History of Coming Races 2-7-11 *Released by Ulja Factory

The Deacon Family Tree 6-17-12 *Released by Dithyramb Records

Godís Hands On My Forehead 4-8-12 *Released by Ownness Records

Upcoming releases:

Zack Kouns presents our broken, miraculous world Volume 1: Pony Payroll Bones Talkin Rome, Georgia *To be released by Rainbow Bridge

Covers Split with No Milk *To be released by Nifty Fifty

Returning Home From Dark Countries *To be released by Crash Symbols

Thanatopsis *To be released by Tent Revivalist

Unreleased Albums:

Maldoror 1-1-04

A Saint Falls From The Stars 3-15-04

Letters From A War 6-9-04

Darkness on the Edge of Town 7-20-04

Holderlin 8-22-04

Fairy Tales 9-5-04

Going Far From Their Dark Huts 9-12-04

Here For The Party 10-10-04

Artistic Suicide Live 11-9-04

Orgasm 2-14-05

A child's impressions of interstates, airplane travel and major cities 3-14-05

Even on these narrow inlets and long streets there are a whole bunch of events 5-4-05

Injury Disease and Various Stages of Metaphysical Pain 5-11-05

An Anonymous Person Lost and Alone in a large city 6-17-05

The Moon and the Radio Tower 12-27-06

God Drowns Egypt 12-28-06

The origin of undiscussable repulsion 10-11-05

Rivers: an exploration of their deadliness and their unearthly beauty 10-11-05

Terrorism is a friend of death 10-31-05

Neurosis and its effects on the human organism 11-30-05

Movement: Constant and in Flux 12-15-05

Illusions of the Youth 12-29-05

Vast, Dark Expanses Inside Our Bodies 11-17-06

Son is alone, asleep in Himself 11-21-06

Architecture: Structures in America 2-16-06

Tomorrow 2-16-06

The Arbitrary Distribution of Wealth 3-1-06

Absurdity is a big deal 4-23-06

Lost Lonely and Vicious with Tenor Sax and more more more 8-29-06

Ol' Man Hitler's gonna get his hands on you 9-14-06

Sometimes You Make Me Want To Die 7-11-06

Juvenile Delinquency is a growing problem in America 7-11-06

A Bomb in a City Square 5-12-06

OHM Christ Jesus 1-25-06

Pain of Absence is the only thing within their reach 3-22-06

Tell Them The Truth Marshal, There's No Such Thing As Justice 12-20-07

Returning Home From Dark Countries 5-7-07

Split with Rickman and the imaginary animals 3-21-07

Henri Rousseau's Jungles Full of Wild Beasts 4-26-08

God's Plagues are the gift of unrest 6-6-08

Cycles: The Mineral, The Vegetable, The Bestial and the Divine 9-10-09

The Book of Becoming 9-11-09

Alive and Alone on WMUL 11-25-09

Apple, Fig and Vine 2-13-09

You won't be free until you're free of your self 2-1-10

Metallurgy 3-11-10

Returning Home From Dark Countries 4-20-11

And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy 4-21-11

Romeo is a fucking philanderer single 3-10-11

The Prophecies of Daniel 8-1-11

The Subliminals Theme single 12-3-11

We Found Love single 12-5-11

I Saw A Flame Blazing 3-6-12

Ordeals: Punishments Terrestrial and Supernal 1-5-13